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NOW Stock and Instalments Management System is in Affordable Price with no compromising on Features,

Features 1- Fully professional Software
2- Supports Multiple Branches/Showrooms
3- Admin Panel with full rights
4- Users management
5- Account Verification
6- Cash Sale Invoice
7- Instalment Sale
8- Stock Issuance
9- Stock Receiving
10- Stock Reports (Category Wise + Company Wise)
11- Powerful Reporting
12- Stock Receiving Reports
13- Stock Issuance Reports
14- Sale Return
15- Sale Return Reports
16- Cash Sale Reports
17-Instalment Sale Reports
18-Monthly Due Instalment Reports
19- Monthly Paid Installment Reports
20- Installment Payments
21- Installment Payment Reports
22- Expense management + Expense Reports
23- Daily Cash Book Detail
24- Installment Payment Receipt
25- Customer Detail Form
26- Thank SMS on Sale to Customer Phone Number
27- Payment Confirmation SMS on Installment Payment
28- Installment Reminder SMS on Single Click
29- Send Promotion SMS
30- SMS Management
31- Print Invoices Reports
32- Notifications to others Showroom/Branch on Stock Issuance & Receiving
33- Add Product Categories Companies Models Salesman
34- Records Edit Delete Rights for Administrator
35- Data Backups
36- Whatsapp Notification System
And More

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